Hi, thanks for visiting my site. I’m Nirav Tukadiya.

I am passionate about building things which challenges me to experiment and learn. So far I have worked on five huge products. I also contribute to open source and love to interact with the community.

I am developing Android applications since 2012. I have experience in designing Android applications architectures. I also have experience working on Flutter, iOS, Node.js, and Machine Learning. Recently I started exploring GoLang. I also have a special interest in Cyber Security domain.

Apart from that, I have a deep understanding of Data Structures and Algorithms, System & OO design and Operating systems which helps me build robust and scalable applications.

I also have experience in leading the team of 12+ Android and iOS developers.

I am from Porbandar but now I live in Bangalore. When I am not working or experimenting with some new technology or hanging out with friends, I am usually enjoying Boxing or Swimming.

Feel free to contact me if you need any help or just to say Hi. If you are in Bangalore, send me an email or tweet me, I will be happy to meet you over some coffee.


Nirav Tukadiya